April 27, 2022
Dr. Deborah Hill’s primary motivation for forming the Shielders Company was to show people how they can improve their health and their lives by using their mind. In fact, that is the idea behind the Shield Method program, which is at the center of the Shielders Company mission. So far, Dr. Deborah Hill has overseen two clinical studies of the Shield Method for weight loss and the results have been very promising. In fact, she is now in the process of conducting a third and final clinical trial in advance of its imminent national release.

Under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Hill, the Shielders Company encourages those who employ the Shield Method program to use their “super willpower” in all types of personal situations. By using what’s inside, she believes patients can learn the best ways to overcome their own mind’s attempts to force them to do things they know they should not do. Their mind is far more powerful than most people think and it is very possibleto use their super willpower to overcome urges to do certain things, like eat more than you should, smoke or any number of other behaviors that can lead to serious problems.
October 23, 2021
In recent years, Dr. Deborah Hill has worked hard to research and develop what she refers to as the Shield Method. This program has proven very beneficial because it provides for a higher level of personal control, which can lead to impressive weight loss, as well as mastery over other problems, like smoking and drinking, though the use of a person’s “super willpower.”

Dr. Deborah Hill founded The Shielders Company as a way to administer programs based on the Shield Method, using “super willpower” as a centerpiece. Theirprogram teaches people to use what’s inside to fight back against the mind as it attempts to force them to do things they know are not good for them. Because the mind is more powerful than most realize, they can use it to overcome urges to do certain things that are not good for them, such as eating too much, not exercising enough or habitually rejecting the urge to smoke. The Shielders Company and Dr. Deborah Hill want people to have more control over their urges because that is the key to living a better life.